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1,050 Reasons to Attend Virtual Stampex

30th April 2024

39 Booths to explore

The Booth Hall and Society Hall include a wide of dealers, auction houses, magazines, online platforms, and societies. All Booths are verified PTS Members and trusted society affiliates.

Booths are interactive - you can click on images, links, open documents and videos, browse specially selected items for sale, download resources into your Virtual Briefcase, and you can chat with Booth Reps using our fully integrated chat feature - via text, audio, and video.

There are also links to subscribe to mailing lists, follow on social media.

Look out for special offers, prize draws, discount codes, new auction and stock alerts, free educational material and insights!

Use the live chat to ask questions, or just to say hello to your fav dealer! (maybe you'll even meet a new fav!)

Think about which Booth is your fav and vote so we can award the most popular with the Virtual Stampex Best Booth Award 2024.

Below is one of our Premium Booths, A14. Empire Philatelists.

10 Stampex Talks

Each year, we bring you 10 Talks in our Stampex Auditorium and this year, our schedule is as exciting as ever!

Swipe to see our Speakers and make sure you pop a reminder in your calendar for the ones you'd like to attend in person.

Each Talk includes a presentation / discussion as well as live Q&A.

For the full schedule, visit

22 Roundtable Sessions

Our most popular feature in 2023 is back! Now with up to 40 seats! Get ready to join your friends for these informal discussions, meet & greets and more.

Some topics to whet your appetite:

  • Lost in Letters with Marcus Orsi

  • Cataloguing Postcards

  • Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man

  • The Future of Exhibiting

  • The World's First Postage Stamps

  • NFT Stamps - a Debate!

  • Meet Leven Parker

  • Buy & Sell on HipStamp

  • Using Websites for Exhibiting

For the full schedule, visit

12 Fascinating Seminars and Interactive Sessions in the APS Collectors Lounge

The American Philatelic Society have pulled together the most awesome series for their Collectors Lounge Experience. You will also be able to chat with other collectors (and some of the team at the APS and StampEd in the Lounge chatroom!

Sessions include:

The Scourge of the Modern Counterfeit with Wayne Youngblood

Stamp ID Power Hour

Sort Stamps with Us

Digital Libraries – The Future of Philatelic Research? Learning without Limits – Taking a Global Approach to Education

APRL Reference Power Hour

237 Specially Selected Items in our Show Shop

You will find links to dealer stores on Booths so make sure you check Company Description, Links below the Booth, links on images, and you ask the Booth Rep in the live chat if you are looking for something in particular.

Some of our PTS Members have also added a small number of selected to our embedded Shop. Browse items and if you see something you'd like, send an "Order" to the Booth Rep. The Booth Rep will then contact you direct to arrange for invoicing and shipping. You can also use the Shop to get an idea of other items Booths might be able to help you with. Below if a sample of some of the items from Booth B6 Thematix.

72 Countries represented (so far...)

Why do we run Virtual Stampex 24 hours a day (and put pressure on our Booth Reps to be on the live chat for as many hours as they can stay awake for over the 3 live days?!)... well, this is a truly global event.

Virtual Stampex allows you to connect with the best best of a philatelic show without the need to travel.

So far, we have had registrations from collectors, enthusiasts, and enquiring novices from 72 different countries.

We also have Booths from France, England, USA, China, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, and Scotland

£500 Gift Voucher up for grabs

Take part in our Philatelic Mastermind Quiz and be in with the chance of winning a £500 Gift Voucher to use at Stanley Gibbons. There is a runner up prize too - a £100 Stampex Smilers Gift Voucher!

Visit Booth X4 to find out more and make sure you attend the Philatelic Mastermind quiz in the Auditorium on the 2nd of May at 20:00 London/ 15:00 New York time to join others in answering questions, and to gain clues!

We also have our popular Stampex Bug Hunt taking place at the show so if you don't want to buy a toy as a gift or souvenir from the show, you can always try to win one! More information at

66 Documents and Videos to download into your Virtual Briefcase

Another great thing about Virtual Stampex is that you don't have to break your back carrying catalogues and price lists around with you. You can browse our Documents and Video Vault and click to add them to your "Swag bag" or Virtual Briefcase. You can then email yourself everything in your Briefcase!

You will find links to catalogues, price lists, research, activity books, and more on Booths so make sure you check Company Description, Links below the Booth, links on images, and you ask the Booth Rep in the live chat if you are looking for something in particular.

20 Displays

Our Display your Way Hall includes a wide range of displays - from beginner level collections, to experienced collectors seeking feedback, to award winning International Exhibits!

Each Display allows you to view a pdf copy of the Display, and to ask Questions or provide comment in the integrated Q&A box associated with each Display. There may even be a Video link associated with the Display for you to watch.

72 Hours of Live Chat

With chat available via text, audio, and video, Q&As, 40 Chatrooms, and thousands of visitors, Virtual Stampex has been built to handle thousands and thousands of messages!

So, get chatting! Use this 72 hour event as a chance to connect with dealers, auctioneers, fellow philatelists and friends!

We understand that Stampy the stamp bug will also be available to chat on Booth A14!

Our Support Team is available 24 hours a day. Just click on the Help button if you need any technical support.

Top tip: keep your chatroom experience running smoothly by closing down any chats you are finished with (the chat history will still be there!), ideally keeping your chats under 40. Can you be chatting with 40 people or in 40 chatrooms at once? Maybe!

So... that's more than 10 reasons to attend....

39 Booths to explore

10 Stampex Talks

22 Roundtable Sessions 12 Fascinating Seminars and Interactive Sessions in the APS Collectors Lounge

237 Specially Selected Items in our Shop

72 Countries represented (so far...)

£500 Gift Voucher up for grabs

66 Documents and Videos to download into your Virtual Briefcase

20 Displays

72 Hours of Live Chat

We make that 1,050 Reasons to attend Virtual Stampex 2024.

Free to attend, open 24 hours a day, live from 08:00 London time on Thursday 2nd May, closing 08:00 London time on Sunday 5th May.

The show is then available On Demand (no live interaction) until the end of May.

Register ahead/ Login at

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