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Meet Stampcurio

Updated: Apr 30

Meet the PTS Member, Priszcilla of Stampcurio Philately Auction

24th April 2024

I am Priszcilla, the all-rounder of Stampcurio Philately Auction, based in the beautiful capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Our philatelic auction "cottage" is currently a small team effort with a bunch of IT experts (architect, developer & project manager) besides our day jobs, so we don't stare at the screens all day.

We specialise mainly in Hungarian (Austro-Hungarian Monarchy) stamps and postal history, with an AIEP expert as our head philatelist. We are also interested in learning and researching the unique philatelic items of other countries, for which we have created a name, philagem

We started during COVID-19 with a bunch of modern stamps that had no place in a classic collection, it was a pilot project for market research in Hungary. It went quite well, so we slowly started to expand the items, areas and the more the collection organisation progressed, the more saleable items we had.

We officially launched Stampcurio as an ebay shop in October 2022, since then we have sold over 500 items with 100% positive feedback.

In the summer of 2023, we outlined the possibility of creating a real auction in early 2024. The idea was put into action and we started preparing our first big live auction for the 1st of January 2024, so we didn't sleep for a few months... ;)

It was a huge success and a great experience from all points of view, so Stampcurio doesn't stop. We are currently running monthly auctions on ebay, planning a fixed-price shop on Delcampe and preparing for the 2nd live auction. We hope to see many collectors on 1 January 2025

Our favourite thing about the stamp trade is the connections we are able to make with other collectors and the feeling that we can make them happy when they find a missing piece for their carefully curated collections.

The best moment in our business so far was... the first bid in our auction!

When I am asked about something we've learnt about dealing in stamps and postal history, I say "It is a lot more work than it looks! But it is the best activity in the world!"

As members of the PTS, we are passionate about boosting the hobby. One area we are interested in is the education of the new generation, which is what we are doing with regular volunteer work in the local Youth Stamp Society and continuous publications by our head philatelist. Another important issue I personally want to work on is getting more women into philately, so I plan to do more to promote this wonderful hobby to them.

We look forward to providing the best service possible to our clients - old and new. You can find links to our website , contact details, Instagram, and Newsletter below. We are happy to help with any enquiries so do get in touch, and follow up/ subscribe. Thank you.

Contact details:

Instagram: @stampcurio


Stampcurio is a member of the PTS. You can find them in our Online Member Directory at


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