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We are excited to announce Stampex will be hosting the first ever #xtremephilately exhibition.  This special display  will include pieces from Exploring Stamps, Richard the Philatelist, Punk Philatelist and Stanley Gibbons. We will also be bringing the exhibition to life with a wonderful interactive element. 


So what is #xtremephilately?

It's the art of taking a stamp and finding the object, landscape, person on the stamp in real life and then snapping a photo and sharing it on social media.  #xtremephilately has been happening for a while, but it was Graham Beck from Exploring Stamps who brought it to life on his brilliant You Tube channel. #xtremephilately is a fun way to take your collection out and about. Please do tag us in your pictures @ptsandstampex and don't forget to #xtremephilatey

Pineapple #xtremephilately with thanks to Graham Beck from Exploring Stamps 

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