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Christmas Inspired Stamps

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

No matter where you are in the world, Christmas stamps are a beloved tradition that brings joy and beauty to the holiday season. From classic designs to modern interpretations, these stamps capture the spirit of Christmas and add a touch of magic to our mail. So next time you receive a letter with a festive stamp, take a moment to appreciate the thought and effort put into its design. And if you don’t already have one, perhaps consider starting your own collection of Christmas stamps to celebrate this wonderful time of year. It might be the type of collection you can involve the whole family in!

Do you have any of these notable stamps in your collection?

United States, 1962: The US issued their first Christmas stamp in 1962. The green and red 4-cent stamp featured a wreath, two candles, and the words "Christmas 1962."

Great Britain, 1966: Noteworthy for being the UK's first Christmas stamp, the design showcased children's drawings of the nativity scene.

Canada, 1898: While not explicitly a Christmas stamp, Canada's 1898 "XMAS 1898" issue is often considered the world's first Christmas stamp due to the inscription.

Australia, 1957: Australia's first Christmas stamp, issued in 1957, depicted the star of Bethlehem.

Each of these stamps is cherished by collectors for their historical significance and the festive joy they convey. But Christmas stamps are more than just a collector's item; they also serve as beautiful artwork and a way to spread holiday cheer. Postal administrations can use their Christmas issues to tell a story that relates to their culture and customs. It's a small but meaningful way to learn about and appreciate the world we live in. We’ve seen some wonderfully creative Christmas issues this year from around the world.

Have you bought or received any mail featuring these festive stamps from our Members?

Isle of Man: Featuring six local animals across the collection, the stamps evoke a warm and cosy feeling for the season. By local artist, Rowan Corlett.

Jersey: A set of eight stamps from our 'What does Christmas mean to you?' issue. By eight local artists.

Royal Mail: Featuring popular lyrics from five traditional Christmas carols set against vibrant illustrations inspired by the stories behind these festive favourites. By print specialist Tom Duxbury

Guernsey: Depicting scenes from the centuries old story of Jesus’ birth, also known as the Nativity or The Christmas Story. By talented artist and book illustrator, Alexandra Ball

As technology continues to advance, some may argue that physical mail is becoming less relevant in today's digital age. However, for many people, receiving a handwritten letter or card in the mail is still a cherished experience, especially during the holiday season. And what better way to add some festive cheer to these letters than with beautiful Christmas stamps! In many countries, Christmas stamps from previous years are still valid, and it’s always a treat to see a mix of new issues and “vintage” issues in the mailbox!

So this holiday season, let's not forget the humble Christmas stamp and its ability to bring people together, spread joy, and celebrate our shared humanity. Keep an eye out for these small but significant works of art on your holiday mail and let them serve as a reminder of the magic of this festive time of year.

Let us know your fav Christmas-themed stamp in the comments below!

You can even add a photo!

Merry Christmas!

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