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Found or inherited a stamp collection?

Why not bring it along to Stampex for an expert to take a look?

We have a number of dedicated PTS Members at Stampex who can help you with a valuation and decide on your next steps.

What to do next?
When you have found out a little bit more about your collection, you might be able to sell it to the dealer or you might want to start collecting again.  However, if you find out your collection isn't worth very much you could donate it to charity or create a piece of art.  Here are some of the things you could do:

Stamp Active
Stamp Active is a youth philately charity which accepts donation of stamps. They use these stamps to provide activities for children, free stamp packs and they also sell some stamps to help raise funds for the wonderful work they do. You can find out more at or visit their booth.

Stamp Bureau in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support 
​Send them to the Stamp Bureau who raises money for Macmillan.  
PO Box 469, Leeds, LS17 1HX

Stamp Art
You could turn your collection into a piece of art. Art Stamped has a wonderful gallery on her website for some inspiration.

Terms and Conditions Every dealer will have different terms and conditions to their appraisals so please do ask them for more information. 

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