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How stamps can make your Christmas even more magical…

During the Christmas holidays, your stamp album can turn itself into a fascinating journey through history and geography, offering a delightful activity for you and your family. It presents an opportunity to bond over the intriguing stories behind each stamp, their origins, and significance.

You could organise a stamp trivia game or ‘craft a holiday story’ using your stamps and covers! You could play a game where each family member must choose a stamp which they think another might really like. Or host a stamp challenge to find ten stamps that tell the story of your year as a family – from holidays to events to milestones… Might you even use stamps as currency in another family board game you play? Who needs counters or match sticks or game bank notes when you have duplicate stamps you could be using. Or why not use old stamps with little value to create gift Thank You cards for your loved ones?

This shared experience will not only spark curiosity but will also create lasting memories.

Stamp collecting is not just a hobby; it is a way to explore the world and learn about different and diverse cultures. Each stamp has its own unique story that reflects the history and heritage of its country. It might be that the postal history you hold has its own unique story that may reflect the history of you and your family! By collecting stamps, you can share knowledge with your loved ones about various topics that fascinate you, such as art, nature, sports, famous personalities, and historical events.

So why not create an activity or game at Christmas that is not just fun to play, but also a little bit educational, and a whole lot of inspirational!

Keep learning, discovering, and connecting through the wonderful world of philately. You never know, an activity around stamps at Christmas may inspire someone to develop their own collection and discover the endless possibilities of this fascinating hobby.

So, get your thinking caps on. What games and activities might you incorporate stamps into this Christmas?

Whilst rare and unique stamps can fetch high prices at auctions or be sought after by other collectors, at the PTS we believe that collecting stamps and postal history is about more than monetary value; the true treasure of a stamp collection lies in the stories it holds and the memories made along the way.

So, share your philatelic passion this Christmas, and let us know what creative ways you involved your family and friends.

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