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Stand Holder Information

This page includes information for Stand Holders. 

If you have any question, please contact

To Book a Stand, please complete the Booking Form

What is Stampex at the BDC?

Stampex is organised by The Philatelic Traders’ Society and is proudly sponsored by Spink. It is the largest philatelic collectibles fair in the UK with International exposure. The Stampex brand is also recognised globally through its Virtual and Online offerings.

Stampex at the BDC is hosted in central London, the show brings the philatelic community together, welcoming businesses, societies, exhibitors, influencers and hobbyists from all over the world.

The four-day show gives people the chance to enjoy the hobby, learn something new, connect with friends, and add items to their collection, or enquire about selling a collection.

The new look and feel show is continually evolving and now features the Stampex Talks Auditorium, a Youth Zone, a Postcrossing Event, Tours, an Exhibiting Experience, Roundtable Discussions and Society Meetings.

The show is open to all, but to protect our visitors we only offer marketing and stands/tables to PTS Members. All our PTS Members are referenced prior to being welcomed into the society.

Photos from Stampex 2022

Photo 28-09-2022, 11 14 49
Photo 01-10-2022, 16 14 23
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 44 36
Photo 28-09-2022, 07 39 43
Photo 01-10-2022, 12 54 35
Photo 28-09-2022, 09 08 02
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 42 37
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 51 50
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 41 12
Photo 01-10-2022, 12 00 20
Photo 01-10-2022, 14 26 09
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 24 21
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 44 19
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 42 31
Photo 01-10-2022, 09 42 39
Photo 01-10-2022, 15 38 53
Photo 29-09-2022, 11 58 43
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 58 56
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 55 27
Photo 01-10-2022, 14 25 14
Photo 29-09-2022, 11 59 54
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 55 38
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 57 12
Photo 28-09-2022, 13 09 56
Photo 01-10-2022, 13 44 24
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 51 33
Photo 01-10-2022, 12 25 41
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 44 47
Photo 29-03-2023, 09 15 29
Photo 01-10-2022, 11 42 28
Photo 01-10-2022, 08 37 12
Photo 29-09-2022, 12 00 01
Photo 28-09-2022, 13 19 14
Photo 29-09-2022, 11 40 51
Photo 28-09-2022, 13 19 27
Photo 28-09-2022, 13 22 34
Photo 28-09-2022, 07 28 39
Photo 28-09-2022, 11 13 32
Photo 28-09-2022, 10 58 49
Photo 28-09-2022, 07 29 21

Join us at Stampex 2023

We would be delighted to invite you to join us at the show. 

We have several opportunities available including the popular table top zone introduced last year, and some wonderful new stand formats. We also have unmanned space available for marketing, and general creative marketing spaces around the show.

Stand hire prices start from £995+VAT, and Table Top area prices start at £510+VAT for the full four days.

Our marketing campaign begins at Virtual Stampex in May, so there is lots of time to become involved and maximise exposure and association with the event.

What's included

Your stand hire, table top hire, partnerships and advertising spaces means we can provide:

• The floor space at a world class venue over 5 days – and shared use of highly professional and clean reception, toilets, loading bay etc.

• Furniture and lighting, including glass counters, shells scheme, tables and chairs for Stands, and tables, chairs and table cloths for Table Tops

• Free wifi-zone for stand holders

• 5 complementary Day 1 Tickets for all stand holders

• The teams who help set up the stands – furniture, counters, shell scheme, flaps, digital boards

• Stand signage, show graphic design time and printing and team to put everything up

• Organisers time including BDC Project Manager and Helen, Suzanne and Isobel, and Welcome Team. We also have BDC Marketing and Communications Team Time who will help us promote Stampex across AngelBid and VisitLondon (LondonPartners)

• Show Security and First Aid Staffing

• A Stampex International Website we host and keep updated as well as links to different Event and Philatelic sites

• An all year-round PTS Stampex Newsletter promoting the Stampex brand

• An all year-round @ptsandstampex social feed across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube with regular Stampex content

• A wider show experience to attract new visitors including Stampex Talks, Tours, Youth Zone and more!

• Targeted marketing of Stampex in traditional and new spaces

• Your brand and business details on the Stampex Show Map

• Your brand on the Stampex International Website

• Your brand featured across months of publicity – the more photos, stories and news you give the PTS, the more we’ll promote you!

• Access to the PTS and Stampex team to help you plan and make the most of the show and Stampex brand

• And more….

Your booking helps us to do all of the above, for you, for the society and for the future of the hobby.

New for 2023, and continued developments

New for 2023:
- We are putting in a dedicated show-wide OpenZone internet connection which will be available for all Stand Holders and Table Top Dealers to use for FREE.  Up to 4,000 devices can use this Wi-Fi zone so there should be no capacity issues for those of you using laptops, tablets or mobiles to manage orders, check stock, catch up on emails, process payments on credit card machines etc. If your stand design includes any form of live streaming, we do recommend you select a wired or dedicated connection for your Stand as an extra on your Booking Form.
- In addition to Wristbands for you and your team, Stand Holders and Table Top Dealers will each receive 5 Day 1 Tickets/Wristbands to issue to clients or friends as they wish. Additional tickets/ can be purchased at the cost of £10 per ticket/wristband (postage included for PTS Members) if you'd like to offer a little perk to more of your clients. 
- For societies, we will be offering meeting space on all four days, rather than just the Saturday, and we have some exciting new attractions including an Exhibiting Experience and Roundtable Discussions to help encourage new and returning visitors to make the trip.

2022 developments continuing into 2023:
- The aisles between Stands will remain wide enough for stools should you wish to add these as an extra on your Stand Build Form.
- Lighting will be included across the Table Top Zone.

5 reasons to attend Stampex 2023

  • The world has opened up again, and people are back at stamp shows, travelling, and engaging face to face with all that the hobby offers. This is your chance to reconnect with your target audience, face to face. Following Virtual Stampex and ongoing international initiatives by the PTS such as the PTS Awards, Stampex also has a vast online, global following so your brand and products will have a unprecedented reach.

  • Become part of the world most innovative philately event. Being part of Stampex means you will sit next to other like-minded brands.  You can highlight your presence at the show to your audience.  It is a wonderful marketing opportunity.

  • Sell Sell Sell. Bring your new stock & don’t forget the old – you never know who is going to turn up and ask you if you have x?

  • Meet and connect with the trade. It’s important to keep the hobby strong and this is a great opportunity to meet others within the community.

  • Get involved. Reach out to the marketing team and write an article for the show app, schedule a talk in the Auditorium or find out about what’s happening in the Youth Zone.

Floor Plan

Floor plan last updated 14th April 2023

Updates due: (T16B SOLD)

Floor plan subject to change. 

Floor Plan 14th April 2023.JPG
Floor Plan 17th May.JPG
Floor Plan 17th May - VG.JPG
Floor Plan 17th May - T Zone.JPG

Stand Hire information:

• Stands include shell scheme and glass counters as standard. Glass counters can be removed if they are not required. Stands come with chairs and trestle tables (6ft and 4ft) free of charge. All stands come with a Stampex branded name sign

• All stand holders and table top dealers must be PTS Members – to see benefits and apply visit

• Stands are sized to allow for corner configuration or a small flap to be installed across the glass counters to allow for entry

• All stands are priced by metre frontage (not by square metre). The show has pricing zones (revised on an annual basis) based on zone popularity/visitor traffic flow estimates and how the stand is positioned compared with other attractions

• Some stands can be flexed a little in terms of size or shape. Some stands can be joined together and some can be split up into smaller spaces. Some stands are restricted due to surrounding stands or health and safety requirements stipulated by the Business Design Centre

• Some stands have space in the visitor aisles for stools

Table Top Area information:

• Your Table Top hire fee will include: tables as per floor plan, chairs for clients as well as chairs for inside the area, and table cloths

• Table cloths must be used

• Table Tops are priced by table. The show has pricing zones (revised on an annual basis) based on zone popularity/visitor traffic flow estimates and how the stand is positioned compared with other attractions

• Some table spaces may be combined or split to create the perfect space for you. The minimum table area hire is two tables

• Extra tables and client facing chairs cannot be added due to health and safety regulations but within some Table Top spaces, there may be space for an extra backing trestle table or half trestle table which can be hired as an extra

• Some table areas fit a lockable cabinet behind them, some do not. Please ask the team for more information• To ensure the Table Top area is differentiated from Stands, where proximity and square metre footprint is comparable to glass counter stands, tables will be priced at a higher rate, particularly “stand facing” areas

Availability and Pricing

Stands are secured on a first come, first served. Those who took a space at Stampex 2022 get first refusal on the same space for Stampex 2023.

Availability as of 5th April 2023

Stand #
Terraced Stand 2.5m x 2.5m
Includes 3 client facing tables and small backing table area
Three Sided Stand 5m x 2.5m
Three Sided Stand 3m x 2.5m
Four Sided Stand 4.5m x 3m
Corner Stand 3.5m x 2.5m
Includes 3 client facing tables and small backing table area
Includes 3 client facing tables and 1 backing table
Includes 3 client facing tables and 1 backing table
Includes 8 client facing tables and 2 backing tables

Advertising Opportunities

There are a number of places and spaces available for you to promote your brand further.

Most opportunities are first come, first served. Those who took space at Stampex 2022 get first refusal on the same space for Stampex 2023.

Click the image to find out more!

Advertising Opportunities.JPG

Opening Hours

The show will be open to the public:

Wednesday: 10:30 – 17:30 (PTS Members can enter from 10:00 with FREE ENTRY)

Thursday: 10:00 – 18:30

Friday: 10:00 – 17:30 (followed by the PTS AGM)

Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00

On Tuesday, we will allow stand holders access from 2pm. Everyone must clear of the BDC venue by 20:00


The venue will still open at 8am for stand holders Wednesday – Friday and from 9am on Saturday.

We ask all stand holders to clear the BDC Venue by 18:00 on Wednesday, 19:00 on Thursday and Friday, and by 20:00 on Saturday.

On the Saturday, stand holders and table top dealers may pack down from 16:00. 

Hotel Deals

Please find the latest deals provided by our discount hotel provider, (link below)

Please contact them direct to book. Cancellation period is detailed in the document.

If we receive any better rates over the coming months, we will let you know so you can cancel/rebook.


Please note that we have been informed by the BDC that there is no longer a discount code available for parking at the BDC/Hilton.

The BDC provided the attached info with details of alternative parking options.

Overseas Dealers

If you plan to bring commercial goods into the UK to sell (and re-export unsold goods.), the PTS recommends using a procedure called ‘Merchandise In Baggage' (MIB) or ‘Customs Handling Import Export Freight' (CHIEF).

Firstly, you will need to become registered for UK VAT. There are many professional organisations who can assist you with this but if you are struggling to find one, please contact the PTS who can recommend someone to you. When applying for a UK VAT number, you need to activate EORI to ensure your VAT number is live on the HMRC customs system.

Once you have obtained a UK VAT number, you can contact the PTS’s preferred agent, Five Starwho will arrange the necessary import/re-expert paperwork for you. They will request:

  • Value of goods to be imported

  • Weight of goods to be imported

  • Flight details

  • Copy of passport

  • Other paperwork may be requested such as a document with your company header/ company registration details

  • The 2022 cost for Five Star’s service was approximately £125.00 for import and £125.00 for re-exportation.

Upon arrival in the UK, you should enter the red channel, advise you have a pre-cleared C88, hand over the paperwork supplied by Five Star, await clearance and proceed to enjoy a hopefully successful Stampex. Towards the end of the show, you will need to reverse this procedure, advising Five Star of sales made to enable them to complete your export of unsold goods.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to advise on the initial export of your goods from the place of origin or the re-importation of your goods to the place of origin.

The above information is subject to change. We recommend PTS Members familiarise themselves with the latest UK Government information at:

Booking Terms and Conditions

All Terms and Conditions can be found within the Booking Form / Contract. 

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