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Stampex Talks

All Virtual Stampex 2024 Talks are now available to replay in the Stampex Talks Auditorium! 

The psychology and market dynamics of collecting: what philately can learn from other collectibles.

Robert Parkinson, author of “Ecoinomics: Your Guide to the Global Numismatic Market” and Senior Category Manager of Stamps, Coins and Bullion at eBay UK discusses collecting trends, fundamentals, and explores where crossover might help boost philately.


Why I collect Hong Kong.

Philatelist, Ingo Nessel presents one of his collecting passions: Hong Kong.


Leven Parker, the collector and historian who is attracting millions of views per month on TikTok.

Leven Parker is a postal historian who started his philatelic social media journey a few months ago, and within months has forged a way to connect with millions of viewers. Suzanne Rae of the PTS chats to Leven live in the Stampex Talks Auditorium about his passion for postal history, his views on the hobby, and what he has learnt about attracting people to view philatelic content online.


The Story of Paper
Thematic and Open Philately both offer the collector the chance to enjoy story-telling, on almost any subject under the sun. It can sometimes be a challenge to find relevant philatelic items, but hunting for material is part of the fun. This presentation from Wendy Buckle  (FRPSL) is a thematic display telling the story of paper from its invention in China, how it was adopted and made in Europe, the invention of a paper-making machine in the early 1800s and industrial production. 

Forgeries - from the Classics to Modern Counterfeits.
Oscar Young from Stanley Gibbons takes us on a forgeries journey!

Classifying Large Hermes Heads with a little help from AI.
Dimitris Papitsis introduces us to the complex world of the Large Hermes Heads, and explains how he is using technology including AI, a customized Hermes Heads database with integrated wireless micrometer data entry, and QR codes to further his collecting, research, and sharing capacity in this fascinating area.

Women in Philately 

Richard Scott Morel of the British Library shares his research on the history of women in philately, from stamp design, stamp production, collecting, the trade, and literature.

Social Media and Philately with the Digital Philatelist

With so many social media platforms now being used for philately, it is often hard to determine which one is best suited for you or your organisation's needs. Join James Gavin (aka The Digital Philatelist) as he takes a deep dive into the various social media platforms and how to establish a social media plan to achieve the best results. 

Is Ecosystem Mapping the next "Marketplace" paradigm and how can it help Philately.

Tom Droege of and StampAuctionNetwork explores Marketplaces as Ecosystems: A new Business Paradigm.

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