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Virtual Stampex

2024 Edition

For your chance to win one of 10 Stampex Bugs, visit Booths in the Virtual Stampex Booth Hall to discover clues. Answer all of the clues to discover the code!

Clues can be found across 10 different Booths! Just look at the Booth Description box!

The show is live from the 2nd to the 4th May, and is On Demand until the 31st May.

When you're ready, submit the code and your details below. 

Winners will be chosen after the On Demand show has closed on the 31st May

Full T&Cs

Giveaway Entry Form

Behind 17 different Booths in the Booth Hall, you'll find a clue. Look for this clue in the Booth Description.

Answer the 17 clues.

Then take the 1st letter of each clue.

This will give you a code which is 17 letters in total.

Enter this code in the form.

Thanks for submitting! You've been entered into our giveaway!

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