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Top Philatelic Accessories

Guest Blog by PTS Member, Dauwalders

First published July, 2022, revised 26th June 2024.

If you are looking for a sophisticated means to store or display your collection, Leuchtturm will likely have something to suit. See also the range of Optical Accessories, magnifiers from 2x-20x in a range of styles with various illumination options, and microscopes – which are ideal to quickly identify Penny Red plate numbers.

Below are a handful of popular options from the available range of over 6,000 products.

Great Britain Albums

Unmatched in detail, accuracy and quality and is the benchmark for all others. Using the SG Great Britain Concise catalogue for guidance, each stamp is represented by a photo image and necessary technical information.

Loose leaf, 4-ring leatherette binders.

Available in a range of sizes and colours. Suitable for mint sheets, strips, blocks, single stamps and everything in between!

Stamp stock approval cards

The stamp dealers choice – we supply the stamp trade with hundreds of thousands of stock cards each year. An ideal way to store and display & priced-up higher value stamps.  

Link to browse: Stock cards

Hawid Stamp Mounts

Every avid stamp collector is familiar with the HAWID brand. Since 1st September 2021, the popular HAWID stamp mounts have been part of LEUCHTTURM’s portfolio. The stamp mounts are made of polystyrene (PS), which is PH- neutral and does not contain chemical softeners. This extensive range comprises strips, block mounts and pre-cut mounts. The stamp mounts are available with either a black or a clear backing film. 

Browse HAWID Mounts.

“6 in 1” Pocket Magnifier

Handy, multifunctional magnifier with practical LED microscope. In addition, two aspheric Perspex lenses (large lens with 3x magnification, small lens with 10x magnification). White LED lights, longwave UV light and a leatherette protective case.

Link to product: Pocket Magnifier

LCD Digital Microscope With 10x - 500x Magnification

With its built-in 3.5" LCD screen, this digital microscope is easy to use and doesn’t have to be plugged into a PC or laptop. The 5-megapixel active pixel sensor, the 8 LEDs for illumination, and the adjustable focusing ensures excellent definition and crystal-clear images. Ideal for identifying paper repairs, errors and plate numbers.

Link to product: LCD Digital Microscope

Dauwalders have been UK distributors for Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) stamp and coin accessories since taking over from Duncannon in 2018. Our staff are knowledgeable in the large range of Lighthouse accessories and GB stamps.

Visit us at Stampex at the Business Design Centre in London, at our large shop in Salisbury, or online at


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What are your fav accessories?

Are there any brands you would recommend to fellow collectors?

Do you think you hold the record of owning the most stamp albums?! How many stamp albums do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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